Frontaal Piece of Cake Tompouce


This Imperial Pastry Stout beer is a delectable treat for the taste buds, with flavors reminiscent of delicious cakes.
The name suggests that enjoying this beer is as effortless as tasting a delectable piece of pie.
A real treat to be enjoyed!

‘Piece of Cake Tompouce’ is an Imperial
Pastry Stout with tompouce. This robust
stout has an alcohol content of 10.0%
with rich, roasted malts and a seductive
aroma of Holland’s most famous pastry,
the tompouce.

With every sip, you are enveloped by
flavors of dark chocolate, tompouce and a
hint of creaminess. Taste a dessert in the
form of beer and enjoy the velvety flavors
of this extraordinary Imperial Pastry Stout.

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Frontaal Piece of Cake Tompouce

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